the history of a family
the hard work of generations
the traditions of a unique region

Seventy years of history,
the foundations of our future


building the purification plant

So as to reduce the environmental impact, a purification plant with ultrafiltration system is built.



The increase in sales leads to
new investments in vase production plants; sterilizers and pasteurisers are upgraded.


a new line oftrays

An investment in new
plants is carried out to manufacture flexible containers: 3 lines of work are created to broaden the range not only with glass vases but also with bags and trays.



The desire to complete an already wide range of products with the introduction of peeled tomatoes led to the acquisition of the brand Primetta, that expresses and represents the high quality of Tuscan products and, consequently, respects our values.
Primetta peeled tomatoes have always been characterised by high quality and excellence. The brand Primetta is not involved in ordinary commercial dynamics since it has a single goal: quality first.


the growth

Production lines are doubled,
ensuring higher standards of flexibility in the optimisation of the production and making the new line particularly suitable for special-format vases.


the green choice

Neri becomes a low environmental impact firm thanks to photovoltaic installations that cover 75% of the energy needs and provide a large share of the energy
necessary. The energy used to satisfy the remaining needs is GO certified, which means that it is from renewable energy sources (in accordance with the directive 2009/28/EC and released by GSE).


1st enlargement

After a few years, it becomes necessary to enlarge the covered surface with the building of a 2,000 square-metre covered warehouse. The external surface becomes 35,000 square metres.


new production site

The new plant is inaugurated: 15,000 square metres of which 6,700 covered. Thanks to the large investment, the production system becomes completely automated, from the area dedicated to the processing of raw materials up to packaging. The plant production capacity becomes 7 times higher than the previous plant and reaches about 400 vases per minute.


next stop: department stores

The sale of products in department stores as well as the relationship with foreign clients start.



The company develops thanks to
semi-automatic packing lines as well as to the gradual introduction of pasteurisation systems so as to ensure a longer product's life.


the expansion

With the contribution of the daughters and of the rest of the family, the company starts to sell outside Tuscany, and in the North of Italy in particular. Neri starts to sell in department stores and to penetrate international markets.


the first steps

The company develops thanks to semi-automatic packing lines and starts the distribution in Tuscany through the first commercial partnerships.

the creation


It was in the Tuscan hills between Vinci and Pistoia that Neri Industria Alimentare was founded. A history in agriculture and in the food industry that has its roots in the traditions of a family that completely dedicated itself to searching the best manufacturing and storage practices: Neri Ademaro founded the company in 1947: he started to harvest olives in the neighbouring area, store them and distribute the product to the families of the neighbourhood.