Our manufacturing process starts from an accurate selection of qualified suppliers that meet the requirements in terms of quality, safety and compliance with the food industry standards.

We purchase highly selected raw materials from the whole Mediterranean area. Thanks to the selection of the best raw materials, our finished products have higher quality standards than average products available.

the manufacturing process

We use the best technology to ensure that the quality of our products is faultless: our capacity to constantly monitor all the production steps is a fundamental ingredient.

Our goal is to continuously improve our standards, so as to achieve excellence by checking and monitoring all the corporate processes.

Monitoring the manufacturing process

Production lines are equipped for checking weight, presence of metal, glass quality, X-rays, etc.

Analysis laboratory

Our Analysis Laboratory is in charge of all analysis, also of organoleptic ones, aiming at ensuring that European and International quality standards are met. We also carry out strict chemical and bacteriological tests for each step of the manufacturing process, from raw materials to finished products.


We constantly implement the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) system, i.e. a system to control that products are healthy: it allows us to monitor the risk of biological, chemical or physical contamination over the manufacturing process.

iso 9001

The compliance with the ISO 9001:2008 standard is another guarantee of the excellent quality standard of our products: our goal is to achieve the best customer's satisfaction and adopting a Quality Management System that complies with international standards ensures that the implementation of our quality plan is monitored. The ISO 9001 standard is also applied for the own-brand marketing of products in oil or in brine and tomato pulp and purée.


We are IFS (International Food Standard) certified. This protocol was developed by European large retailers so as to protect consumers: suppliers are assigned a qualification according to their standards of safety, quality and compliance with the food industry regulations.



We have always invested on the construction of new cutting-edge facilities so as to optimize the manufacturing process, be ready to deal with the needs of large retailing and ensure the ongoing improvement of product quality.

We invested in the construction of cutting-edge production facilities, paying great attention to architectural features: we wanted them to be designed to reduce the environmental impact and, therefore, protect the beauty of this corner of Tuscany.

8.000 sqm

of plants

35.000 sqm

of space dedicated to loading/unloading and handling of means

The plant is equipped with modern high-speed machinery, within a manufacturing system that is fully automated, from the area dedicated to the treatment of raw materials to the cooking and processing one, up to the production and conditioning areas.


the increase in the manufacturing capacity compared with the past


jars produced in one hour

The manufacturing process is conceived to make different pieces of machinery coordinate with each other in a rational manner, creating a sort of network and removing the risk of variations in the recipes of finished products of the same type.

More specifically, this technology allows to set, from the beginning, as many variables as production profiles: an added value that guarantees flexibility and adaptability to production needs, so as to satisfy variable market needs that change over time and according to geographical areas.



We never forget that people and their territory are an asset and that they can enhance the value of our business. For this reason, we chose to follow a sustainable growth path.

We want to protect the environment, improving the way we manage the impact of our production process on the ecosystem and working in favor of a safe working environment.


Our environmental management scheme is certified to the ISO 14001:2008 standard. We chose to protect the ecosystem and, therefore, we pay great attention to the impact of our activity on the environment and we try to minimize the risks and maximize the use of resources.


We adopted a management scheme for health and safety at work in accordance with the OHSAS 18001 standard. We think that protecting the health and safety of our human resources is an added value to our activities.

In accordance with the “Plan-Do-Check-Act” principle, the business implements policies and goals, in accordance with the current legislation and on the basis of the hazards and risks that may arise in the workplace; it constantly monitors the existing challenges and puts in place corrective and improvement actions.