Our company has all the compulsory certifications ensuring that the manufacturing process is safe and finished products are healthy. We are aware that our commitment in this respect is beneficial to society.

We also believe that adopting management schemes for environment and health and safety at work that comply with international standards adds value to our company and allows us to contribute to sustainable development..

We are qualified suppliers for large retailers. We comply to the standard created by large retailers in order to select suppliers on the basis of food safety and quality and that are established in accordance with the international legislation in this field.

It is in our interest to control the impact of our activities on the environment, which is why we monitor the processes in order to make them more effective, efficient and sustainable. We obtained, thanks to our environment management scheme, the certification of compliance with the ISO 4001 standard, based on the continuous improvement cycle Plan-Do-Check-Act, that provides for the identification of environmental features implied in the process, the implementation of suitable procedures to manage them, the assessment and the measure of the deviations from the plan and the improvement-oriented.

We have always worked to protect the health and safety of our workers. Our responsible behavior, which goes beyond the obligations laid down by law, reduces risks and represents the first step for our good reputation. Our reference management scheme complies with the OHSAS 18001 standard and is based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle. This standard is conceived to help businesses define goals and policies in favor of health and safety at work, so as to effectively manage these issues.