Our story begins in the heart of Tuscany, when the company started to process the most precious fruit of this land, olives. Today, 70 years after that first step, we are the leaders in the production of quality products in oil, pickles and sauces.

The family, guardian of the founding values of corporate activities, keeps promoting the Tuscan tradition of high-quality food. New technologies to control each step of the manufacturing process are the guarantee of the maintenance of high quality standards.

Thanks to the combination of tradition and innovation we can always propose new delicious recipes that preserve the authentic taste and genuineness of ingredients. Care and passion are at the soul of our products.


Turnover of Euro



8000 sqm

of sheds dedicated to manufacturing

35000 sqm

of uncovered area

top 10

Top 10 of Italian products-in-oil manufacturers: Neri Industria Alimentare earned a good market position.

responsible and sustainable growth

Neri has always expressed its intention to protect its resources: people and territory are the engine of development. A responsible and sustainable growth is a benefit to the whole community.