Excellence at the table

Our customers determine the choices we make: products and recipes that preserve the genuine taste of tradition. Our constant thirst for innovation in recipes responds to the growing demand for genuine and healthy products.

Never stop innovating!

Innovating means ensuring that the consumer gets excellent products and that high quality standards are met. The most advanced technology allows us to provide each customer with a careful and attentive services.

Sharing the value created by our growth

We work hard so that our growth is sustainable, by using resources consciously to protect our territory and our community. The development of our activities complies with the legislation on individuals, nature and environment protection, which is beneficial for the company as well as for everything that surrounds it.


We look at the market with humility and ambition

We believe that laying solid foundations is the first step for a successful project. We undertake not to ignore creativity and people and we collaborate with them to improve ourselves.

working together for a shared goal

Team spirit and collaboration are the basis of our path of growth. People are our greatest resource, we want to share our passion and dedication with them.

interpreting, responding, creating solutions

Constan tlistening allows us to discover, propose, innovate. We listen to the market, we listen to the environment and we listen to the community we work in.

resolution and passion are the pillars of our activities

These values are the basis of our operations, the values we inherited from a tradition of diligence, will and integrity. These are the foundations of our business and this is what binds us together.

quality and innovation

The acknowledgement of the excellent quality standards of our products is the evidence of a successful project and is an incentive to always look ahead, creating new recipes and products each year and satisfying market requirements.


Our story is made of love for the land, craftsmanship and aspirations. The combination of these ingredients represents the heart of Neri, as well as our corporate philosophy.

the well-being of the land is important to us

We respect nature, we respect the territory that provides us with the basic ingredients of our diet and of the products we manufacture: such a heritage must be carefully protected, because the well-being of the land is our well-being.

we are the guardians of taste

At the beginning, we relied on our craftsmanship and, now, we want to preserve the creativity and know-how of this skill: we want to continue to be the guardians of taste.

we meet challenges

We love the synergies that help us to focus goals and achieve them thanks to determination and team spirit: discussing and finding shared perspectives allows us to make progress.

These are the foundations of Neri Industria Alimentare: the very values that allowed us to develop over the decades are our guide today to face the future.