Eco-sustainability includes all the practices aiming at protecting the environment: using renewable energy, reducing waste, pursuing energy saving represent courses of actions inspired by the respect of the ecosystem around us in favor of the well-being of the community.

Our company chose to use solar energy for the manufacturing process by having photovoltaic panels covering almost entirely the plant energy demand installed.

Solar energy is a green energy source that cuts harmful gas (carbon dioxide, for example) emissions: photovoltaic plants, indeed, transform sunlight into electricity without using fossil fuels.

the future is sustainable

Saving the ecosystem of our planet means showing love to our children. Using renewable sources of energy means working in order to leave to our children an intact natural heritage. Neri is aware of that and, for this reason, it gives more oxygen to the planet everyday by cutting CO2 emissions by 480 kg per day.

Today’s commitment is tomorrow’s solution.

Our figures


dedicated to photovoltaic panels


photovoltaic panels


the energy demand met by renewable energy


t/year the cut in CO2 emissions