Neri plays an important role in the food market and distinguishes itself for its excellent production of products in oil, pickles, preserved vegetables, sauces. Created in 1947, Neri has experienced such a growth that, inevitably, it decided to assess the social and environmental impact of its activities. For this reason, Neri is convinced that, necessarily, the goal to create value should be extended to everything and everybody that is, directly or indirectly, involved in corporate activities.

We deemed appropriate to codify the values that have always inspired the company, so that they become the cement of relationships inside and outside the company, since we believe that relying on our solid foundations was the key to growth and is now an added value that makes us unique in the market.

In this way, we want to address all our stakeholders: people who work inside and on behalf of the company, suppliers, customers, lenders, final customers and the people who, in any way, get to know our company. We pledge to disseminate the values that determined and consolidate our reputation because we believe that the basis of any success story is the trust between the company and all its stakeholders.

Our code of ethics is inspired by the principles of

Management and its bodies shall be inspired by the principles of good faith, showing loyalty and fairness towards the company. Deeds that bring benefits to the company through the exchange of favors are forbidden; they shall abstain from carrying out operations in their own interest or in a third party's one and shall immediately report any case of conflict of interests, corruption or extortion.

Employees and freelancers shall cooperate, with loyalty and integrity, so as to achieve the corporate goal; they shall ensure the implementation of the code of ethics by informing any external partner of the company on the existence of the code itself; they shall be diligent in respecting contract provisions concerning the management of the working time, leaves, holidays, etc; they shall pay great attention to corporate goods and tools and use them only for the intended purposes; they shall comply with the legislation on health and safety at work and with the regulation on environment protection.

Our suppliers grow with us: we respect other people's work as well as contract conditions laid down in a clear and transparent manner, because we do not want our benefits to harm those who work with us. Our suppliers are informed on the principles that inspire our social policy and share them so as to improve the quality standards of the products we offer.

We pledge to create a relationship of trust with our customers: our commitment in favor of corporate ethical behaviors and management policies that improve the quality of our offer from many points of view is the guarantee of an accurate and efficient service and of a manufacturing process that complies with the highest standards of food safety and quality.

The constant technological innovation and the adoption of management systems that optimize processes in terms of effectiveness, quality and efficiency allow us to meet different market needs in a swift and appropriate manner.

Our care and attention are addressed to the final consumer: our products must ensure well-being and health. Our commitment, more generally, is addressed to the whole community, because not only do we offer products of good quality, but we also minimize our impact on the surrounding environment so as to contribute to the protection of the resources of our territory.


We believe that the competition is the engine of growth and we respect other operators through the implementation of fair business practices that comply with current monopoly legislation.

We think that the challenges that we are forced to meet everyday are an incentive to constantly improve ourselves, the community and the environment.

The commitment to operate with competitive advantages is based on business strategies and, more importantly, on the implementation of responsible practices.


Any information that the company shares with its stakeholders is inspired by the principles of fairness and transparency.

Accounting records as well as financial statements are drawn up in accordance with the provisions of laws, paying great attention to transparency, fairness, accuracy and completeness.

The single corporate departments shall cooperate so that accounting facts are properly and swiftly recorded; records shall be suitable for the intended purpose, always available and verifiable in any moment.


Respect guides our behaviors towards all our stakeholders, starting with our human resources. We try to create synergies and transmit to those who work for us the importance of collaboration and team spirit while respecting individuals, their ideas and while working to remove any type of discrimination.

We think that anyone is a fundamental part of a broader mechanism and, therefore, that anyone is important for the company: the dignity of each individual worker needs to be respected, at all levels.

We pledge to adopt objective criteria to select human resources, in order to ensure the match between the profiles selected and the actual corporate needs. Each resource shall be introduced in the most appropriate context for his/her skills and receive fair remuneration for his/her job.

We pledge to train our human resources and to make them improve their skills, enrich their knowledge and learn the necessary techniques for their job, since professional growth leads to a higher value for the company.

We promote awareness-raising for issues that are important for the company, such as the respect for the environment and for people's health and safety, while informing on the risks related to the activities and on the best practices to remove these risks.


We work with the products of the land, which is why we are more aware than other companies of how important it is to protect the environment, so that what we get is not contaminated or harmful for the health of other people. We try to involve all our stakeholders in this goal: this must be a rule of conduct that guides everybody's daily behavior.

We have implemented an environmental management scheme that helps us keep the impact of our production on the environment under control, in order to elaborate and implement corrective action to minimize the risks of contamination.

Most of our energy supply is from renewable sources. The installation of photovoltaic panels allowed us to reduce harmful gas emissions in the atmosphere significantly.

Our steps are only a small contribution to the well-being of the community: if we choose to work hard today, it is in order to lay the foundations of a better future, grow in a responsible and sustainable way and preserve the resources for future generations.