It is in our interest to control the impact of our activities on the environment, which is why we adopted a certified management scheme complying with the ISO 14001:2004 standard. In accordance with this scheme, we monitor the processes in order to improve them in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability.

Our policy is inspired by some fundamental principles:


1# respect of environmental features

Ensure the respect of applicable laws and of other provisions that the firm adopts and that are associated with the environmental features of the Company.

2# responsibility towards the environment

Everybody, at all levels in the organization and according to their powers and specific skills, should promote the sense of responsibility for environmental protection, by preventing or reducing the impact of manufacturing activities on the environment.

3# analysis of the activities carried out

Assessing the consequences of the activities carried out by the company on the environment through the accurate analysis of natural resources used, of the meaningful environmental features and of the use of dangerous equipment or substances.

4# sharing the same principles

Involving third-party companies working for the Business and sharing the same criteria in terms of environmental protection, as defined by this policy.

5# pollution prevention

Achieving pollution prevention and constantly improving our environmental performances.

6# sustainable energy

Using 100% of energy from renewable sources.

7# a good environmental image

Improving the company's environmental image in the eyes of the final customer.


We have adopted a Management scheme that specifies the improvement goals in terms of environmental performances. The Management reviews the compliance of the scheme with the plan in force on the basis of the results of the company’s environmental management and of the new conditions of integration of the company itself in its territory and social and economic context. Annually, during the review, the Environmental Policy is changed according to the new conditions.

The Management is directly involved in the respect and implementation of the principles of the environmental policy and is in charge of ensuring and checking regularly that the Environmental Policy is properly documented, made operational and kept in force, disclosed to all the personnel and available to the public on the website.




Manufacturing healthy, safe and reliable products is a mandatory goal that must always be respected; for this reason we are IFS certified. The quality policy that our company wishes to implement is based on the following goals:

1# maintaining certifications

Maintaining the IFS certification

2# customer satisfaction

Complying with applicable laws in force and meeting criteria, be them implicit or specified in contracts, in order to enhance Customer satisfaction, bearing in mind customer's expectations in terms of product safety

3# meeting system criteria

Raising, throughout the organization, awareness of the importance of meeting System criteria and increasing staff's skills and motivation so as to ensure, for all the processes of the organization, that performances are effective and efficient

4# ethical conduct

Maintaining standards of ethical behavior towards the personnel as well as a comfortable working environment

5# beware of GMOs

Not using GMOs intentionally

6# enhancing competitiveness

Establishing our brands and enhancing competitiveness in terms of quality, costs, extent of the range, corresponding level of service

7# business integrity and reliability

Fostering the image of integrity and reliability that the Company has earned on the market since 1947 by positioning its goods in the medium/high segment.

8# value chain strategy

Developing a value chain strategy and involving third party businesses that work for the Company by sharing the same quality criteria as defined in this policy.


In order to achieve these goals, the Corporate Management undertakes to:


1# update the management system

Managing, monitoring and changing processes according to changes in organization, technology, legislation and regulations by updating the Management System and ensuring that it complies with legislative requirements.

2# monitor production processes

Planning, managing and monitoring production processes, as well as complying with the requirements specified by contracts, by promptly identifying and addressing product non compliances and avoiding any recurrence through the identification and correction of the underlying causes.

3# train staff

Providing staff, at all levels, with education/training opportunities on quality culture and on the importance of protecting environment as well as health and safety of all the parties concerned.

4# respect equality

Avoiding any type of discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, ethnic group, belief and implementing measures to improve working environments.

5# beware of GMOs

Asking the suppliers to provide all important information on the presence of GMOs, to the best of their knowledge.

6# maintain the quality of our products

Highlighting the typical characteristics and the excellence of Italian products and, whether possible, of Tuscan products through investments on the manufacturing process, from the reception of raw materials to finished products, while keeping costs low to enhance our competitiveness on the market.

7# monitoring our suppliers

Encouraging suppliers to properly manage quality processes by involving them in the identification and analysis of the underlying causes of non compliances and in the definition of actions/tools to prevent or reduce them and assessing regularly their implementation and the results obtained.



Since we think that the protection of health and safety at work is a fundamental goal to be achieved and constantly monitored, the Corporate Management chooses, within the safety policy, the principles that it wants to comply with:


1# health and safety

Act in accordance with all laws and regulations in force by adopting all the necessary preventive measures to protect the health and safety of workers.

2# participation

Work in order to involve workers and hear their voices, also with the intermediary of their representatives, stakeholders and, in particular, of contractors/suppliers in all the fields of health and safety at work.

3# responsibility

Ask all employees, according to their respective duties and skills, to bear in mind the importance of taking care of their health and safety while they are working, as well as of other people's health and safety.

4# sharing

Involve third-party businesses that work for the Company in order to share the same criteria for the protection of health and safety as defined by this policy.


Our Working Health and Safety Policy is certified in accordance with the OHSAS 18001 standard, based on the ‘Plan-Do-Check-Act’ management principles, that aims at helping businesses define goals and policies in favor of HSW, in accordance with current legislation and on the basis of hazards and risks that may arise in the working environment.

The Working Health and Safety Policy is annually reviewed and (if necessary) changed in order to assess its adequacy. The assessment should be carried out both if the results of the monitoring activities highlight that it is necessary and if specific circumstances make it necessary.

The Management is directly involved in the respect and implementation of these principles and is in charge of ensuring and checking regularly that the Working Health and Safety Policy is properly documented, made operational and kept in force, disclosed to all the personnel and available to the public on the website.